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Pizza, Beer, Yoga, and Everything in Between

Pizza and Healthy Grilling

kettle pizza oven

Pizzafy Your Grill with Kettle Pizza Inserts!

Want to transform your grill into an outdoor pizza oven? Well, look no further! Made in the USA, KettlePizza Ovens are stainless-steel inserts that fit into your gas or charcoal grill. These innovative inserts create a cooking chamber to maximize heat, allowing you to cook amazing pizza. With less heat escaping, you can achieve pizza oven temperatures in excess of 750°F. These are temperatures your kitchen oven could never reach. In fact, the temperatures you can obtain with a pizza oven insert are closer to those of commercial wood-fired pizza ovens! Visit KettlePizza to Pizzafy your grill!

Healthy and Balanced Food Options

We encourage holistic diversity. When it comes to diet and/or lifestlye, remember this: nobody knows your body better than your body knows your body! Therefore, we embrace all diets and lifestyle choices. We’re open to all concepts (as long as it promotes balanced living).

Start living paleo diet meal plans delivered

Free Paleo Starter Kit – Recipes, Meal Plans, Workouts, and More…

It’s no secret how the paleo lifestyle has dominated the health and wellness industry. People are choosing to go paleo for many different reasons. If you’re considering the paleo lifestyle, this free starter kit from Paleo Plan will be your best friend. In the kit, you’ll get 25 delicious starter recipes, a paleo food swap guide with accompanying grocery shopping list, and tons of free resources. This starter kit is ideal for anyone wanting to explore the world of paleolithic living. Paleo Plan also offers meal planning, workouts designed by a paleo fitness expert, and exciting challenges. Get your free Paleo Starter Kit from Paleo Plan.

vegan organic food delivery

Vegin’ Out – The Nation’s Premier Vegan and Vegetarian Meal Delivery Service

Not everyone likes to eat meat or meat by-products – we absolutely respect that. In fact, we salute your choice! For this reason, we want to introduce Vegin’ Out. It’s a meal delivery service for vegans and vegetarians or people who want to experiment with a vegan/vegetarian diet. Vegin’ Out offers freshly prepared organic, well-balanced, and affordable vegan and vegetarian meals conveniently delivered to your home or office. Their meal delivery service is ideal for anyone who is a vegan, vegetarian, or interested in a plant based diet. All meals are cooked and prepared with the freshest ingredients, using organic as much as possible. They also have gluten, oil, and soy free options. Sign up now and get $20 off your first order from Vegin’ Out.

divine eats free chicken recipe book

Chicken Tonight – Free Chicken Recipe Book and Recipe Newsletter

For the meat eaters, here’s a free chicken recipe book, recipe newsletter, plus a chance to win $1,000. Chicken Tonight has 20 varieties of chicken dishes, which fall into one of five cuisines (Asian, American, Italian, Mexican, and Russian). The book is in PDF format. All of the recipes call for basic ingredients, which makes this recipe book a great choice for parents or busy people who want to spend less time preparing for dinner. The ideal solution for a a chicken lover who wants simple to prepare recipes. Download Chicken Tonight for free.

Natural and Organic Snacks

farm fresh organic nuts delivery

Organic Nuts, Nut Butters, Dried Fruit, and Chocolate Delivered to your Door

Staring as a small, organic pistachio farm in California, Mike and Julie Braga have revolutionized the organic nut market. They truly believe that everybody should purchase organic food directly from the farmer as there is no better or fresher way to eat! For this reason, they expended their 40 acre farm to include several different varieties of nuts and fruit products. Whether you’re looking for fresh individual nuts or an organic trail mix, Braga has you covered. They even offer dried fruit and fruit jams, nut butters, and chocolate. Yummy and all organic! What better way is there to satisfy your snack craving? Their nut mixes pair well with beer and wine! Visit Braga Organic Farms to join their delivery club.

Love with Food Organic gluten free natural snacks delivered

Healthy Junk Food! – Natural and Organic Snack Packs from Love with Food

Have you ever been somewhere and the only food available was from a vending machine? At that point, you were probably thinking… damn, I wish I had my own snacks right now! Join the Snack Smart, Do Good Club and get all-natural, organic, or gluten-free snack packs delivered to your door every month. You don’t have to worry about chemicals or synthetic ingredients. These snack packs have no artificial flavoring, coloring, or MSG. They’re also free from trans fats, hydrogenated oils, and high fructose corn syrup. Best of all, Love with Food donates to a food bank each month you’re a member and for each purchase you make. If you’re gonna’ indulge in junk food, might as well make it healthy, right? Visit Love with Food to get your healthy junk food on.

Craft Beer Brewing

Starting a craft brewery is a dream of many beer lovers. However, high start-up costs combined with overhead needed to make the brewery happen makes the dream appear as unrealistic. With these kick-ass personal brewing machines, you can enjoy delicious, full-flavored beers in the comfort of your own home! These machines are an ideal introduction to micro-brewing, giving your craft brewery dream a realistic beginning. Or… a frugal option to enjoy great beer that you proudly brewed. Give yourself (or someone else) the gift of home-brewed beer. Here are the personal brewery machines we recommend:

personal micro brewery

The Beer Machine – Brew your Own Beer in 7 to 10 Days

Created by a professor of Brewing Science, The Beer Machine enables you to enjoy delicious, full-flavored beers in just 7 to 10 days! Forget time consuming preparations like boiling ingredients, adding sugars, then bottle fermenting for conditioning. The whole process is handled in one simple operation. Just add water, the included brewer’s yeast and beer mix, and let The Beer Machine do the brewing. Serve your draft beers on tap or bottle and store them to enjoy later. This is perfect for small batch brewing and getting started in the craft beer revolution. Get The Beer Machine here.

adventures in home brewing your own craft beer

Adventures in Homebrewing – All the Supplies you Need to Make your own Beer, Wine, or Spirits

If you’ve got your own brewing setup, you probably don’t need a small brewing machine. But… you still need brewing supplies, right? Family owned since 1999, Adventures in Homebrewing has ALL the supplies you need. Whether you’re brewing a fresh keg of dark lager, a stiff pint of organic vodka, or a tasty batch of Merlot, Adventures in Homebrewing has you covered. They sell full kits to simplify your next batch. And… they also have individual ingredients if you prefer to be a brewing engineer. So, regardless of how you brew, distill, or ferment, Adventures in Homebrewing has what you need.

Craft Beer Delivery Clubs and Gift Baskets

Not everyone is interested in brewing their own beer. Gathering all the equipment, ingredients, and supplies can be a pain in the ass – we totally understand. For this reason, it can be more convenient to buy beer already brewed. If you’d rather enjoy a good craft beer brewed to perfection in a brown bottle, we have options for you! Check out these craft beer delivery clubs:

Give them beer with craft beer club

Craft Beer Club – Exceptional Beers Delivered to Your Door

Have you ever thought… damn, it would be nice to have amazing craft beer delivered every month? Craft Beer Club has you covered! They source exceptional craft beers from all over the country and deliver the selections direct-to-you or your gift recipient’s door. Craft Beer Club has options to ship beer packages monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. This is a fantastic gift for yourself or the craft beer enthusiast in your life! Learn more about Craft Beer Club.

give them the gift of craft beer

Give Them (or Yourself) Beer! – Personalized Craft Beer Gift Baskets

Wanna’ build a beer gift basket that kicks some major ass? Or maybe you’d prefer to be all buzz and no bite? Either way, Give Them Beer enables you to build the ultimate beer gift basket. They feature over 125 craft beers and gourmet snacks. Their beer baskets and beer crates make the perfect gifts for craft beer lovers… or even a treat for yourself. Hey, we all deserve to indulge in our favorite beverage once in a while, don’t we? That’s what healthy and balanced living is about. Make a personalized beer gift basket by hand-picking each premium craft beer. 

Wine Delivery Clubs and Gift Baskets

Hey wine lovers, we didn’t forget about you! If the mere thought of beer makes you cringe, or you just don’t care for the craft beer trend, here are some ideas for fine wine and gourmet gift options:

hand crafted california wines

Explore Fine Hand Crafted Wines with California Wine Club

If you’re looking for a wine delivery club featuring the best wines from California, you’ve found it here. The California Wine Club offers a fine selection of hand-selected, award-winning wines. California is home to thousands of small family wineries handcrafting extraordinary wine in quantities too limited to be found in local stores or shops. This is great news for you! Because California Wine Club partners with small wineries, they’re able to offer exclusive wines directly to your door. No matter what your preference, there’s always a flavor to suit all tastes. This isn’t just another wine club. They are THE California Wine Club!

original wine of the month club

Join America’s Oldest Wine Delivery Club and get a Free Gift

Founded in 1972, Wine of the Month Club is the oldest wine delivery club in America. They have become America’s trusted source of unique and compelling wines and are open to anyone who has an appreciation of fine wine. Whether you subscribe for yourself (you deserve it) or as a gift for someone else (they deserve it), Wine of the Month Club will surely satisfy your taste. As the original wine club delivering some of the best hand-selected wines, Wine of the Month Club has something for everyone. You also get a free gift if you sign up for a gift membership!

Yoga Classes, Courses, and Accessories

yoga teacher software for designing classes

Yoga Teachers and Instructors – Design a Custom Yoga Class in Minutes!

Yoga teachers and instructors, have you found it difficult to organize a new sequence for your students? Do you have a unique idea for a fusion practice but can’t seem to put it all together? Are you overwhelmed with the amount of poses and variations available? Are you tired of “winging it” as you go and want a more solid foundation for your practice? You’re not alone. Many yoga teachers struggle with putting all their amazing ideas together in a powerful sequence. It looks great on paper and sounds amazing in your head, but just doesn’t flow when you teach… If you can relate, you’re exactly where you need to be! With Yoga Class Plan, you can design a professional yoga sequence from scratch in minutes. You can choose from over 400 poses and plans or create your own and share them with 6,000 other instructors in the network. Yoga Class Plan is super easy to use – just drag and drop each pose and variation and that’s it! Best of all, each plan you create can be printed out or accessed on any mobile device! How about that for convenient accessibility? Never fumble through leading a class again! Get your free 15 day trial of Yoga Class Plan.   

One Year of Unlimited Online Yoga Classes

Get a Month of Unlimited Yoga for the Price of a Drop-in Class

Are priorities with your children or family preventing you from making it to your favorite yoga class? Does your work schedule keep you from practicing yoga regularly? Is your monthly yoga membership putting a huge burden on your bank account? Do you feel like you would be more comfortable practicing yoga at home? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, we have a solution you’re gonna’ love. With My Yoga Works, you can practice yoga anywhere or anytime for $15 a month. Yes, you read that right, just $15! That’s the price of just one drop-in class at most studios. Choose from over 1,000 premium classes with more than 40 instructors. Classes are available on any computer or mobile device; including smartphones and tablets. Hell, you can even pull the projector out and pretend you’re actually in the studio. Get a month of unlimited yoga for the price of a drop in class with this free 15-day trial from My Yoga Works.

eco friendly yoga mats and accessories

Eco-Friendly Yoga Accessories for a Greener Planet

Conscious choices we make everyday can directly contribute to restoring the earth’s natural balance. By choosing environmentally friendly yoga products, you can do your part to support a healthier planet. At Barefoot Yoga, you’ll find yoga accessories that help support the health of the planet. Shop for eco-friendly yoga accessories at Barefoot Yoga.

Free Resources

Transformative Nutrition book michael tamez

Free Sample of Our Flagship Book, Transformative Nutrition

From the creator of PizzaBeerYoga.com comes this groundbreaking and progressive guide to healthy and balanced living. Everyone should have the privilege to live a balanced life – free from guilt, shame, and limitation. For this reason, author Michael Tamez brings it back to basics. It’s time to think outside the rigid and structured diet box. Actually, let’s ditch that archaic box and create a new way of living. A way that allows you to be yourself while enjoying the foods and activities you love. Are you ready to join the Pizza, Beer, Yoga party?

Green With Envy

Free Sample of GREEN with ENVY: Recipes for Homemade Personal Care and Cleaning Products

Would you eat your toothpaste and deodorant? Can you even pronounce their ingredients? Toxic chemicals are present in most commercial cleaning and personal care products. These chemicals can cause nasty side effects including skin irritation, asthma, cancer, and central nervous system damage to name a few. Thankfully, we have all natural alternatives that are inexpensive and chemical free. Using products with safe ingredients is especially important if you have kids or infants in your home. In Green with Envy, you will learn how to make your own products. You’ll also get tips for living a more sustainable lifestyle.

happy healthy home

Free eBook – The Happy Healthy Home: 30 Ways to Live Healthier at Home 

This book is a collection of 30 in-depth tips and tricks to create a clean and healthy indoor environment. This incredibly informative book was written by dozens of environmental health and lifestyle experts. Pizza Beer Yoga’s creator, Michael Tamez, was featured in the Maintain Quality Indoor Air  section.

Invest in gold and silver precious metals or a bitcoin IRA rollover with Sunshine Gold Investments floater

Free Gold Investing Kit

With this free gold investing kit, you’ll learn the secrets of the federal reserve. You will also receive a free insiders IRA and 401K rollover guide. Plus, you get the untold story of gold special report AND an investment issue of Forbes magazine! Are you ready to secure a bright financial future?

Download and listen to audiobooks for free with a trial of amazon audible

Free Trial of Amazon Audible 

At Pizza Beer Yoga, we LOVE books. But in the digital age we live, who wants to waste paper and shipping costs or go cross-eyed staring at a mobile device trying to read a book? For this reason, Amazon Audible offers a cutting-edge, audio entertainment solution. By allowing you to listen to any book, anywhere and anytime, audible educates, entertains, and inspires. Along with easy exchanges and 30% off any audiobook, this free trial enables you to receive monthly credit for a free book. Best part of all, you keep your downloads forever! With Amazon Audible, you can build your own library of audiobooks. Revolutionize you reading experience with Amazon Audible!

Kick-Ass Courses to Transform Your Health and Life

mindful eating, susan albers, mindful eating online course, susan albers

Learn how to Eat and Enjoy the Foods you Love without Feeling Guilty

Imagine it’s summer time and you’re invited to a pool party. The day is hot, with temperatures reaching 85 degrees. A lively game of volley ball is going on in the pool, and the splashing water feels cool on your skin. There is music playing, people laughing and kids doing cannon balls. Against a wall is a table completely filled with delicious appetizers, including a salty, spicy pile of cheese nachos, savory mini meatballs, gooey chocolate-chip cookies, deviled eggs, and fried jalapeño peppers. The grill is warming up in the background, and the aromas of smoky burgers fills the air. What emotions come up when you picture this setting? Are you excited to get in your bathing suit and join the friendly competition of pool volley ball? Or are you anxious to be outside because you don’t want to succumb to the food table and overindulge? But now, imagine what it would feel like if you could confidently join in the festivities of the warm summer days, not tempted by all the enticing food or sidelined by hunger. What if you could stop struggling with food for good and feel peacefully in control, eating only what satisfies you? You can! Simply by learning the principles of mindful eating!

fat be gone, fat be gone course, weight loss course, online weight loss course, stubborn fat be gone, jorge cruise

Learn how to Lose Weight Permanently with Stubborn Fat be Gone

Obesity rates in the United States have recently topped off at 40%. That’s a record we shouldn’t be proud of! If you’re struggling to lose weight and need support, this course can help. Jorge Cruise has helped thousands of people lose stubborn belly fat and keep it off. He’s worked with celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Steve Harvey, Katie Couric, Miley Cyrus, Jessica Alba and many others. Now he wants to bring his proven method to you in his new online course, Stubborn Fat Gone!

create a personalized fitness exercise and nutrition plan

Personalized Exercise and Nutrition Course – Lose Weight, Gain Muscle, Eat Healthier

Whether you want to drop some pounds, lower your blood pressure, or gain some strength, this personalized exercise and nutrition course will help you plan your goals. Think about where you would like to see yourself in 30 days and use tools in this course to make it happen. This course is great for anyone who wants to take the first step in improving their health, but doesn’t know where to begin. Are you ready to take charge of your life? Leave your excuses behind and enroll in the personalized exercise and nutrition course today!

become a certified holistic health coach

Become a Certified Holistic Health Coach in 1 Year

This course gives you the tools and resources you need to utilize your passion for wellness and be a powerful leader in the holistic health field. Here’s a FREE health coaching class taken directly from the health coaching certification course! Plus, as an added bonus, here’s are 3 FREE chapters of the book from the course. With this amazing course, you can become a certified holistic health coach in 1 year!

Become a certified personal trainer

Become a Certified Personal Trainer or Group Fitness Instructor

Are you ready to make a major impact on the worldwide obesity epidemic? Do you want to work in a field that makes a HUGE difference in people’s lives? Are you dying to have a flexible schedule which allows for financial and personal freedom? Well, here’s your chance! Take that first step and become a certified personal trainer or fitness instructor.

doreen virtue, doreen virtue online course, courage to be creative, creativity online course, success from creativity

Discover the Courage to be Creative – Learn how to Make Money from your Creativity

Live creatively! Being creative is a way of life; it means expressing your vision and true feelings in all that you do. Creativity can be infused into your whole life so you experience more joy and success, whether it is in your current career, a new professional path, parenting, hobbies, relationships, or your home life. If you feel guided toward creative expression, listen to your heart and give voice to your soul. You can overcome the fears and worry blocking you from following your true purpose. Tapping into your creativity allows you to align with your authentic self and put your visionary ideas into motion. Embrace your imagination! Are you ready to enjoy success and make money from your creativity? Start today by enrolling in the Courage to be Creative course.

fuck it therapy - the profane way to profound happiness hay house course

F**k it Therapy – The Profane way to Profound Happiness!

In this online course, you can access John’s F**k It wisdom from the comfort of your own home for the first time. John will combine teaching (in his trademark humorous style), relaxing guided meditations, simple but powerful exercises to give you the means to benefit from F**k It Therapy in your life. Learn how to worry less (by realising that things don’t matter so much); how to follow your heart and do what you love; how to attract whatever you want into your life; and how to experience real freedom by living a F**k It Life.

michael bernard beckwith course, the answer is you, you are the answer

The Answer is STILL You! – A Course in Self-Discovery

In this three-part Online Course, Michael will share how placing the big questions before ourselves is still ultimately courageous and vital, questions such as: 
– How can I have a sense of well-being when our global society is crumbling before our eyes?
– How can I find happiness and security in unpredictability?
– What is true happiness and abundance?
– What inner practices will support me in living a flourishing life?

Struggling to find the answers to those questions? Here’s a clue – The Answer is STILL You!

art of meditation

Learn and Master the Ancient Art of Meditation

You can live a life without stress, anxiety, worry and fear. The Art of Meditation Online Course will show you how to master your emotions to create a more fulfilling life. Getting comfortable in the stillness and silence of your thoughts is where you’ll discover peace and clarity. This course can show you how to take your life to the next level. Are you ready to tune in, be still, and transform your life? Learn the Art of Meditation.

Hay house courses

Learn, Grow, Evolve, and Expand your Consciousness with Hay House Courses

These courses will help you transform your health and life. Hay House courses are powerfully designed to help you create the life you love. From mindful eating and weight loss to numerology and activating your psychic abilities, there’s something for everyone. These courses feature some of the most influential leaders in alternative health and metaphysical spirituality. View all Hay House courses.