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Pizza Beer Yoga was created by Michael Tamez, a healthy living advocate on a mission to upgrade the outdated approach to health & wellness. Michael lost over 100 pounds and reversed his life-threatening illnesses without surgery, medications, or dieting. Read The True Story of Michael Tamez.

Between fad dieting, supplements, and conflicting nutritional information, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. For this reason, we’re bringing it back to basics. We believe everyone should have the privilege to live a balanced life – free from guilt, shame, and limitation.

We promote holistic diversity. Our blog topics include nutrition, relationships & communication, exercise & yoga, leisure & travel, craft beer, finances, career, spirituality…..and everything in between. 

It’s time to think outside the rigid and structured diet box. Actually, let’s ditch that archaic box and create a new model of living. A model that allows you to be yourself while enjoying the foods and activities you love. 

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of garbage out there when it comes to health and wellness websites. From counting calories to eating butter to buying copious amounts of “top quality” expensive supplements – we’re bombarded with it all.  And frankly, we’re just tired of all the BS!


At, you can finally have that breath of fresh air. Here’s our commitment to you:


No click-bait ANYWHERE on our site

Click-bait are ads cleverly disguised as articles designed to influence online behavior and invoke emotional reaction – thus creating an urgent need to click on the ad. You’ve seen these ads many times. These are ads with scandalous headlines like “70 year old grandma looks 35 again without botox” or “legal steroid turning men into beasts” or “remove your eye wrinkles and bags in 1 minute.

Although there are several dozen click-bait generating websites, the most popular click-bait content comes from shady sites like Taboola, RevContent, and Outbrain.

We understand websites that advertise with scandalous click-bait have to pay bills, but these ads are never related to the content of the article or website and are often very misleading and perhaps even dangerous. Sadly, most every big website uses these deceptive marketing tactics.

We do display product and service recommendations on our site. However, they’re always related to the article and/or blog post content. Each link and/or ad is designed to enhance the reader’s experience with products and services to support people with living a healthy and balanced life.


No bullshit Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) products (including expensive supplements, workout DVDs, pills, potions, or powders)

We love pyramids… just not ones that are designed to rip you off!


No ridiculous absolute claims

On, we present information and invite our readers to make an informed decision. The information is designed to have readers question things.

You’ll never be presented any silly and outrageous claims like putting sticks of butter in expensive coffee to transform your health.

Nor will we ever claim that the chocolate Gods will come down from the sun and energize your body either.

Sigh… if only we lived in a world where scammers and con artists didn’t exist…


No Obsessions

Another trend on many wellness websites is the tendency for orthorexia nervosa (an unhealthy obsession to eat healthy and constantly engage in healthy activities).

In a world that’s not completely organic and clean, it’s impossible to be 100% organic and clean. Hence the reason for pizza and beer.

We’re not saying eating pizza and drinking beer everyday is a good thing either. We believe in moderation and balance. Too much of anything (including the good stuff) can be harmful.


No religious dogma or political agenda

Some wellness websites have a bad habit of mixing their religious and/or political views into their content. Refreshingly, we don’t.

Although some of our topics are spiritual in nature, we (just like with diet and lifestyle) promote spiritual diversity. In other words, we don’t adhere to any specific belief.

Rather, we encourage visitors of our site to connect within and discover what works (or doesn’t work) in the spiritual/religious realm. And as far as politics – we choose to stay away. Some articles may call out government BS when it comes to our food supply or lifestyle related issues, but that’s as far as we’ll take it. Besides, we always try to include a solution to any BS we write about.

We have no interest in being “health rangers.”


No promotion of Vegetarian, Raw, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Paleo, or whatever the latest fad diet is

We encourage holistic diversity. When it comes to diets, remember this: nobody knows your body better than your body knows your body! Therefore, we embrace all diets and lifestyle choices. We’re open to all concepts (as long as it promotes balanced living).

We offer relief from those sites that “vegangelize” and make you feel bad for eating meat. Or try to convince you to eat like a caveman either.

On our site, you are free to experiment with foods. In fact, we encourage it! In order for you to give your body what it wants, you have to know what it’s telling you.

That’s why listening to your body is the most “bulletproof” tool you could ever have in your health and wellness toolbox.

No health expert or “avocado” guru could ever convince your body otherwise…

Our intention is to help you discover what works exclusively for you. We teach you how to listen to the most powerful health guru ever… your own body.  Again, nobody knows your body better than your body knows your body!

Throughout this site, you’ll discover the tools, techniques, and secrets you need to transform every area of your life.

Are you ready to learn how pizza, beer and yoga can help you live in balance?

Take that first step by ditching your diet or visiting our resources page.

Cheers and Namaste!